About Us

Servico FM is a registered Qatar-based company providing Integrated Facilities Management Services to its clients for over 12 years. Servico offers a comprehensive range of strategic services, value-adds, and customize it to the client’s requirements. Having certified with ISO standards for quality and safety, it is also eco-conscious.

Servico FM follows the concept of integrating people, processes, and technology; also offering value-based services to its customers. All our supervision and workforce are trained in their respective skills and groomed in multitasking. Quality and safety is our priority, along with 360-Degree Customer Satisfaction System. Our Facility Managers and those in charge of sites are qualified and experienced to handle the requirement of our clients. For every client, Servico’s Management designates 2-tier Escalation Levels to resolve any issues.

The service spectrum is substantial and offers almost all the non-core activities of the client, who needs his facilities to be maintained well to offer the extended life of his investment in the property. The services required by the client is offered either on a comprehensive contractual basis or in parts.

Servico invests in forecasting the future of Facilities Maintenance. It is currently investing in Internet of Things (IoT) as it is the next step towards maintenance requirements. IoT is a network of sensors, meters, appliances, and other devices that are capable of sending and receiving data. IoT gives flexibility and observability of energy, equipment, environmental quality, people, and spaces. This technology will assist us to depend on more automation than the human interface.

The periodical requirements for commercial and residential clients are also being met through our well-trained handyman and sanitation teams.

With 100% integrity and flexibility in providing our services and our add-ons, we grow in this market with a clean image of preferred Facilities Services Provider.

Our Professional Team

Naushad Ahmed

Director Operations

Abdul Basit

Sr.Manager Operations

Mohamed Dilshad

Sr.Manager Administration

Mir Zakir

Sr. Accountant